Materialist Issue 01 – Sold Out

Materialist Issue 01 – Sold Out

Materialist | Fashion through the lens of the object: Art, Design & Semiotics

A critical dialogue with industry insiders by way of their personal collections and inspirational possessions.

Issue 01 explores the influential objects that fuel the minds of the art and fashion businesses. From fashion designer Lydia Maurer to artist Isabella Huffington, the content includes in depth interviews and alluring imagery by renowned photographers Nathan Perkel and Julian Ungano. This second issue offers a sneak peek behind the scenes, rendering often-secretive industries transparent and providing a look at the latest in art, design and theory – affirming that all of the above can be intelligent too.

Founder/Editor in Chief: Jocelyn Jeffery
Art Director: Agata Wycichowska


Price: £4.99

US: $7.99
FR: €6.99

Shipping: £6.70

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